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Estate Planning

Our Process


You can easily schedule a complimentary consultation online at your convenience. Upon booking, we will send you a concise intake form to help us better grasp your situation and preferences. Rest assured, there is no commitment required to proceed, and you will not be burdened with a lengthy 20-page questionnaire before our initial conversation.


Initial Consultation

During our consultation, we will address any questions you might have regarding our services or the estate planning procedure in general. This is an opportunity for us to familiarize ourselves with one another, explore the various choices at your disposal, and furnish you with a tailored quote.



Moving forward if you are ready to proceed, we will send an engagement letter for your signature. Next, we will send you a New Client Welcome Packet. It includes our policies about how things work here and a few forms to fill out with the information we need for your custom documents.


Understanding Your Options

Our estate planning forms are designed to help you provide the necessary information, but if you are=e unsure about anything or don not have all the details right now, that's perfectly fine! Nothing is set in stone at this point. Our process involves discussing your options with a lawyer before we start drafting your documents. During a 90-minute meeting, we will go through the forms together, delve into your instructions, explore available choices, and offer guidance.


Drafting the Documents

We will create a personalized Will, Trust, Power of Attorney for Health Care and Property, and Personal Directive tailored to your specific situation and objectives. We will go over these documents with you through video conferences and edit via email and phone until the final versions are prepared. Afterward, we will arrange a meeting to help you sign all the necessary documents.


Peace of Mind

Once the documents are signed, we will scan them and make them accessible for download through our client portal. We will also send you the original copies for your safekeeping. With the final package in your hands, we want you to find peace of mind. You can feel assured that you have a personalized plan in place, aligned with your goals, and designed to simplify matters for your loved ones down the road.

Why Us?

We embrace technology so we can understand and protect our clients.  Experience a seamless and reassuring estate planning journey with us. It all begins with a hassle-free Initial Consultation, easily booked online. No commitments, no extensive questionnaires – just a concise intake form to kickstart the process. We believe in flexibility; our estate planning forms are designed to accommodate your unique circumstances. Unsure about some details? Not to worry. We will explore your options together in a 90-minute consultation. Once everything is clear, we will craft personalized documents, including a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, and Personal Directive, fine-tuning them through video conferences and correspondence. Finally, you can rest easy knowing your signed documents are accessible via our client portal with original copies sent to you. Peace of mind, personalized planning – that's what we offer.

We should work together if:

  • You want to protect your assets and ensure they are distributed according to your wishes after your passing.

  • You have specific preferences for the management and distribution of your estate and want to establish wills, trusts, and other legal documents to reflect those preferences.

  • You have beneficiaries with special needs and require the creation of special needs trusts to provide for their long-term care and financial security.

  • You are interested in avoiding the probate process and want to establish a well-crafted estate plan that facilitates a smooth transfer of assets to your loved ones.

  • You desire ongoing support and review of your estate plan to ensure it remains up-to-date and aligned with your current circumstances and goals.

Start planning today, protect your assets, and secure your legacy.

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